About Wilder Collective

Wilder Collective was born out of a desire to make beautiful, quality, heirloom garments out of natural fibers in a way that doesn't compromise ethics and the fair treatment of workers around the globe.

Our Journey

Our journey began in 2020 when I started creating and selling my own handmade clothing. After sewing clothing practically my whole life and constantly hearing from friends that I should sell my creations, I finally took the plunge and began selling primarily linen dresses on Etsy.

The demand increased rapidly and before too long I was constantly having to put a pause on orders so that I could keep up with the ones I had already received. After 6 months of sewing, quite literally night and day, I realized I couldn't maintain this and began researching ways to grow my company into something that could become more maintainable for me as well as more profitable in the long run.

Throughout the next year of much researching, planning, designing, communication, and trial and error, I collaborated with an incredible group of fair trade seamstresses in Northern India to create the collection of dresses I had been dreaming up.

It's been a journey with many bumps along the way, but I'm so pleased to finally have reached the point where I can share with you the designs I've been working so hard to bring to life. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I've enjoyed creating them!